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Single discs

Nilfisk provides powerful and easy-to-operate single-disc machines for a variety of cleaning applications. Three versions are available: low speed for wet applications; high speed for polishing; and dual speed which offers both capabilities.

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Low speed

Low speed single disc machines have been designed for medium-duty usage, comfortable and fatigue free operation, producing effective results. Scrubbing and spray cleaning and stripping of hard floors, for example, are handled efficiently and quickly.
High speed

High-speed single disc machines are great for the polishing, scrubbing and spray cleaning of hard floors. The balance is excellent, and the solid aluminium construction provides durability and extended life.
Two speed

Two-speed machines offers the choice of either 185 or 370 rpm for easy, efficient and cost-effective maintenance of virtually all floors. Built for standard and medium-duty use, this unit handles stripping or scrubbing as well as high-speed spray cleaning or polishing.