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Scrubber dryers

Years of industry leading experience have taught us how to produce excellent scrubber dryers that ensures effective cleaning with high productivity. You can trust our scrubber dryers to have maximum lifespan, low maintenance and service cost and extreme ease of use. Our models range from small walk-behinds to large engine powered ride-ons – and everything in between.

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Stand-on/ride-on scrubber/dryers

The Nilfisk series of stand-on and ride-on scrubber dryers reduces the working effort and significantly improves productivity.
Walk-behind scrubber and dryers

Nilfisk walk-behind scrubber dryers are carefully designed to improve productivity and drive down your total cleaning cost.
The World Leader in Scrubber Dryer Solutions

Decades of knowledge and engineering make us your ideal partner for innovative, high-performance floorcare

Nilfisk scrubber dryer machines have boasted industry-leading technology, and best-in-class results, since 1955. Our expertise in their design and production enables us to produce solutions for applications across a broad variety of industries and environments. Whatever the scale of your floorcare needs, you can count on Nilfisk scrubber dryers for exemplary performance and productivity, intuitive operation, durable construction, and easy maintenance.

What is a Scrubber Dryer?

The scrubber dryer is a motorized cleaning machine which pairs the airflow and suction of a vacuum cleaner with the sanitizing capabilities of a mop and bucket. With consistent brush pressure, and even mixing of water and detergent within the solution tank, even the least powerful scrubber dryer will prove significantly superior to traditional methods, providing clean and dry results in a fraction of the time.

Nilfisk models are typically battery-powered, allowing for full cleaning freedom across a variety of floor surfaces without the need for frequent recharging. They are among our most popular cleaning solutions for the simple reason that their productivity and efficiency rank are among the market’s highest.