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Nilfisk Burnishers provide excellent maintenance for high gloss shine floors, and can also help restore these floors. We offer three versions: cable for small areas, plus battery-powered walk-behinds and ride-ons for larger areas.

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Floor burnishers - electrical or battery driven

- for nice and glossy floors

Nilfisk burnishers provide smooth performance, and consistent results, and help restore a high gloss shine to your floors. We offer three versions to suit every need: Walk behinds as either cable-powered or battery-powered units and ride-on units.

Our floor burnishers cater to a wide range of applications, from hospitals and institutions to hotels, retail, and contract cleaners. No matter your needs, a Nilfisk burnisher will offer excellent efficiency, durability, and ease of use.

Burnisher from Nilfisk

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Electric cord burnishers are a 1500rpm belt driven machine. With improved ergonomic features this enables ease of use and transportation, such as the NEW ergonomic handle, trip fuse, built-in pad holder, 15m cable and robust construction.


Operator friendly burnishers
Easy operation and technically advanced features like automated self-regulating pad pressure make the floor burnishers from Nilfisk easier than ever to use. The innovative technology and user-friendly design also reduce the risk of operator errors and enable the operator to effectively produce a professional floor finish.

Machines designed to last
All Nilfisk floor burnishers are designed to ensure reliability and an impressive lifespan with minimal downtime. With our unique service concept, technical specialists are there when you need us for proactive maintenance, repairs, or restorations to ensure optimal performance over the lifecycle of your burnisher.

A strengthened safety focus
Simple controls make Nilfisk burnishers a safer solution, whether you use our cable-powered floor burnishers or a battery-powered burnisher machine. Features like lock-out switches, safety buttons, and high visibility cables ensure added safety - designed with the typical Nilfisk attention to detail.

Reduced handling strain
The robust design of all products in the Nilfisk floor burnisher range comes with ergonomic features like ergonomics, adjustable handles, and pad holders. Along with great maneuverability, this ensures easy and comfortable operation and transportation with minimized operator strain.