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Autonomous floor cleaning

With cleaning requirements increasing throughout the world, our drive to lead the field in intelligent cleaning has led to the development of autonomous robotic equipment.

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Autonomous floor cleaning

- robotic floor cleaners gives you the freedom to do better

Since the foundation of Nilfisk, we have been determined to meet increasing cleaning demands with intelligent, sustainable solutions of the highest quality.

Our range of robotic floor cleaners is a result of this mindset. Through years of industry-leading experience, we’ve built solutions that ensure efficient cleaning while maintaining the highest level of quality and productivity.


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Liberty SC50 UVGI

Experience all Liberty SC50 benefits plus the best UV-C disinfection technology to maximize your hygienic standards
Liberty SC60

Our high-performance large-scale solution provides unbeatable productivity for larger spaces and applications
Nilfisk Liberty SC50

Freedom to do better

Benefits with robotic floor cleaners

Increase Productivity
The new generation of robotic floor cleaners can perform high-volume, repetitive tasks for hours at a time, with no reduction in efficiency – while your team members carry out jobs requiring human dexterity. They can also work at any hour of the day, which helps accomplish nighttime jobs more effectively. Extended hours enable more cleaning overall, or fewer expensive staff hours.

Improved Cleaning Quality
Consistency is a cornerstone in any robotic floor cleaner: it will do what you tell it to, repeatedly, until you tell it to stop – it only requires battery power, adequate water, and detergent.

In-built Monitoring
With built-in monitoring and reporting capabilities, it is possible to meet or exceed progress- and quality-related KPIs with any robotic floor cleaner from Nilfisk.

Greater Simplicity
Every test conducted by Nilfisk resulted in the same conclusion: simpler is better. Customer research shows that a simple interface in robotic floor cleaners, with “PLAY”, “PAUSE,” and “STOP” buttons controlling key functions, makes most sense for operators in the field. The interface ends up more accessible, less complicated, and less demanding in terms of training.

Optimal Safety
Robotic floor cleaners can handle very dirty or dangerous tasks, especially in factory environments or large warehouses, much more safely than any personnel. Advanced sensors allow them to operate around hazards, such as drops, water, obstacles, or expensive machinery – with minimal risk of collision or damage. This allows staff to be allocated to lower risk jobs and to let robotic floor cleaners do the higher risk jobs when it comes to cleaning instead.