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Nilfisk Floor Cleaning Solutions for Hospitality

Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment is the smartest solution to keeping both carpets and hard floors looking their best. From everyday sweeping and vacuuming to entryway scrubbing and periodic carpet extraction, our versatile floor cleaning equipment is easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain, increasing the productivity of your cleaning staff and lowering your cleaning costs. Our machines are quiet and unobtrusive, so you can clean without disturbing your guests, and high efficiency so you can get more done in less time.

We've also developed environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to help you reduce chemical and water consumption, improve the indoor air quality of your facility and minimize your environmental impact while also reducing your overall costs.

The Nilfisk Cleaning Advantage in Hospitality

  • Choose from a full lineup of versatile floor cleaning machines, including more vacuums with HEPA filtration, more CRI approved extractors, and more LEED eligible equipment than any other manufacturer
  • Clean during the day without disturbing your guests thanks to the low sound levels of our cleaning equipment
  • Use less water and fewer chemicals to minimize your environmental impact and reduce your material costs
  • Reduce labor hours by scrubbing and trying floors in a single pass, and sweeping and extracting carpets in a single pass
  • Increase the overall health and safety of your floor cleaning practices by improving indoor air quality, minimizing slip=and-fall accidents and reducing chemical fumes
  • Cut your overall cost of cleaning by leveraging Advance technologies to improve staff productivity and floor cleaning efficiency
  • Reduce your fuel consumption and double your runtime with hybrid and ePower technologies