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Nilfisk Select

Household vacuum cleaner - Danish design and quality
Nilfisk Elite Series

Allergy friendly vacuums with HEPA 14 Filtration




Nilfisk Supreme 150

Central Vacuum Cleaner for houses up to 150 sqm

The evolution of the Nilfisk cordless vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk Easy is a cordless 2-in-1, as it includes a handheld vacuum cleaner for ultimate versatility. Also, use the stick vac for gentle floor cleaning. Available in 20, 28 and 36V.

Nilfisk Quick is a lightweight and cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, which comes with lithium battery that ensures longer run time and faster charging. Use it for quick cleanups! Available in 20, 28 and 36V.

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Which is perfect for you?

Nilfisk vacuum cleaners come in several sizes, capacities and designs. All efficient and competent, but differently so, in that they are developed to suit different people with different needs and demands.​

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It is all in the nozzle…

Nilfisk has a complete range of high quality accessories.

By changing the nozzle or the filter you can change the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

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