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Introducing the Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery

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Achieve a new standard of productivity 

Cost-effective modularity for maximum cleaning efficiency

The Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery provides a smart, customisable alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries, allowing you to optimise the battery-powered runtime of your cleaning solutions.

Fast-charge capability, scalable capacity, and a zero-maintenance design all combine to enable entirely new levels of cleaning productivity – regardless of application.

The benefits of lithium-ion

Leave the challenges of traditional batteries behind 

Where traditional batteries struggle to meet the increasing demands of challenging cleaning schedules, the Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery excels. 

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Fast charging

Go from 0 to 90% capacity in just 2 hours

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Superior lifespan

3x more than typical wet/AGM batteries 

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5-year warranty

Coverage that might outlast your machine

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Modular design

Customise lifetime and runtime according to your needs

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Extended runtime

Up to 2x as much usable power for unbeatable coverage 

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Zero maintenance

No watering or monitoring required 

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Real-time data

Capture and monitor battery/machine performance 

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Advanced safety

Built-in protection for temperature, voltage and current


Performance you can feel good about 

The zero-emission Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery represents our commitment to greener cleaning through renewable energy. When you choose a smarter battery, you’re not just setting higher standards of efficiency for your cleaning programme – you’re also prioritising the planet.  

The battery’s ability to cover multi-shift cleaning operations reduces the need for charging while simultaneously eliminating the need for combustion-engine cleaning equipment. 

When you’re finished using the battery, our repurposing programme we will either repurpose or recycle it for you – and since Nilfisk lithium-ion batteries employ chemistry common to mass-produced electric vehicles, recycling options will be mature and environmentally responsible. 


Built to drive success in any industry 

We designed the Nilfisk Lithium-Ion Battery to meet the most extreme productivity requirements, especially in environments where continuous floorcare is the norm. 

Warehousing & Logistics

Satisfy the most demanding schedules with modular performance that provides combustion-engine uptime and performance in a safer, zero-emission package.

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Retail & Education

Maximise availability and runtime to consistently deliver a higher standard of clean in the largest spaces, during and after business hours. 

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