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VP600 Hotel Room Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TJJLES

Meeting clients' demands for quality and green cleaning while increasing focus on work environment.

Contract cleaners

SC2000 Sport1 Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TOJETB

Consistently clean, dry, and safe floors and surfaces at schools and libraries.


SC500 Hospital1 Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TJULCN

Efficient cleaning that matches the high quality demanded at surgery rooms, laboratories, and cliniques.


Nilfisk ES300 XP In Use Lobby Rt1

Spotless appearance, time-saving and everyday cost reduction at hotels and motels.


VP600 B Office

Visible high-quality cleaning results and everyday cost reduction at offices and conference rooms.

Offices and public buildings

SCRUBTEC 130 Gas Station3 Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 CPPHNS

Attractive shopping experience, safety environment, and cost-effecient hygiene directive compliance at stores and supermarkets.


Liquid Waste

Ensuring high, consistent quality and avoiding risks of cross-contamination and product waste in food- and beverage production facilities.

Food and beverage


Control, remove and contain hazardous dust, powders, oils, and other lubricants for ensuring productivity, safety, and quality in Iron and metal production facilities.

Iron and metal

VHS110 Atex Food (5)

Keep production equipment clean and maintained for efficient and safe operations.


Clean Rooms

Ensuring dusts, bacteria and other contaminants are not transferred between machines and areas in laboratories and clean rooms.


SR1101 Warehouse Cs SR1101 Cropped Ps 570Maxwidth JUTOOD

Keep high-traffic spaces clear of debris and liquids to avoid the risk of incidents and contamination at warehouse storages and on loading areas.

Warehousing and logistics

Vehicles, Livestock and Construction
Agri Img2 1920X1220px

Clean vehicles, floors, and equipment to ensure effective compliantly disinfection and to avoid cross-contamination of seeds, crops and wine.


Auto Img1 584X400px

Shiny clean appearance of floors and effective removal of oil, grease, and other safety hazards at car dealers and workshops.


BC Img1 584X400px

Prevent worker exposure to hazardous dust, while keeping areas, tools, and vehicles clean for maximum working efficiency on construction sites.

Building and construction