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The Nilfisk Combi Washer is a handy
and convenient timesaver, that lets
you vacuum and wash in one go

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Nilfisk Combi Washer

Household Combi Washer and stick vac.

Fast and hygienic cleaning

Now you can vacuum and wash your tile, linoleum and hard wood floors in one go with the Nilfisk Combi Washer. Two steps in one without compromising on the cleanliness and hygiene of your home by cleaning wet and dry debris at the same time.

The Combi Washer is the perfect all-in one solution to clean your floors in a fast, easy and hygienic way. With the Nilfisk floor washer you will be able to vacuum and wash at once, which will let you finish your cleaning tasks faster and have more time for yourself and your family.

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We make cleaning easier!

When you just need a vacuum, the Combi Washer can be used without fluid for fast cleaning of dry dust and debris. For a full, hygienic clean, the Combi Washer can vacuum and wash at the same time to deliver a comprehensive deep clean of wet and dry debris.

You will be able to wash up to 60 m2 with one tank of clean water. Also, it will keep the dirty water in a separate tan​k to ensure the maximum hygiene. Perfect for homes with children or pets that need the flexibility of wet and dry cleaning in one machine.

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Designed, engineered and developed in Denmark

In Nilfisk we are in constant search to develop cleaning products that offer a great, simple and useful design, together with the best quality components and excellent features to ensure the best domestic cleaning performance. We are proud of our Danish design and quality legacy, and we work hard so that our products reflect this.

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Vacuum and wash in one go!

Explore The Combi Washer

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Nilfisk Combi Washer Storage In Closet
Stands without support

​The Nilfisk Combi washer does not need any support but it stands on its own. Its design is functional so that you can make the stick vac stand if you need to pause your cleaning task.

Nilfisk Combi Washer How To Clean The Dirty Tank And Filter
Two-step water tank release

​Both tanks are easily released. Just press the button and you will be able to refill the clean water tank or empty the dirty water tank.

Nilfisk Combi Washer How To Clean The Dirty Tank And Filter
Good filtration

We have added a reusable filter that will capture the dust and debris so the performance of the vacuum cleaner is not compromised. If you need to clean it up, do it with water and let it dry before you start using it again.

Nilfisk Combi Washer How To Storage The Combi Cleaner
Brush and tray

​When you have finished your cleaning task, place the Combi washer on the tray. Remove the brush and let it dry beside the machine. This will make the brush go completely dry, which will help maintain the machine in perfect conditions.

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Self cleaning feature

If you would like to internally clean your Nilfisk Combi Washer, add some clean water on the tray and place the machine. Switch it on and it will vacuum the water, which will clean all filters and pipes from any residues.

Nilfisk Combi Washer Easy Wash Of Floors How To Start
Water trigger with lock

Wash tile and hard wood floors in one go for fast and hygienic cleaning. The lock will gently let the water out so you don't have to hold the trigger for a long time.

Nilfisk Combi Washer Cord Storage Cord Hooks
Foldable cable hooks

​These hooks will help you store the cable once you have finished your cleaning tasks with the Nilfisk Combi Washer.

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Separate water tanks for perfect hygiene

​​The Nilfisk Combi has two diferent water tanks, one for clean water and another one for the dirty water. The dirty water tank can be emptied easily so that you don't have any contact with the dirt.

Nilfisk Combi Washer How To Fill Tank With Clean Water And Detergent
Easy water filling

Fill the clean water tank with tap water up to 60º.

Nilfisk Combi Washer How To Clean The Nozzle
Soft brush for gentle cleaning

The brush that will gently wash your floor can be easily released by a snap-hook release. Also, there is a brush cover to protect the brush and to avoid liquid stains over your floor.

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