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Nilfisk take-back programs

Bringing new life to used products

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To minimize waste and improve recycling, Nilfisk has over the past years developed take-back programs in many markets. The purpose of the programs is to refurbish cleaning equipment, which has been leased or rented by customers, and give it new life as fully functional second-hand products.

Hundreds of machines are refurbished every year, and either rented out or sold to customers. A large team of full-time employees are working on the take-back program each day, and the interest in the market is growing as more and more businesses are looking to rent or buy high-quality secondhand equipment.

The five steps in our take-back program:

  1. As the refurbishing team takes back a machine, it is carefully examined for faults and wear

  2. The team decides either to refurbish or dismantle the machine. All parts, such as batteries, plastic, metal, and electrics can be traced and potentially recycled

  3. If the machine is refurbished it is thoroughly cleaned and often sandblasted, to look as good as new

  4. Faulty or worn-out parts are replaced by new parts

  5. The machine is ready to be sold or rented to a new customer as second-hand machine

The typical customers, interested in second-hand solutions, are looking for cost-efficiency combined with the quality that comes with the Nilfisk brand. And the demand is growing by the day, strengthening the circular economy within the professional industry.

Over the coming years, we will build on our experience from the existing take-back programs and continue to expand these efforts. Nilfisk currently has a facility in the US that focuses on refurbishing machines.