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Benefits with real value

Equipment is an investment, and the Nilfisk scheduled maintenance service plan protects that investment by maintaining the durability and performance of your Nilfisk machine.

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With the Nilfisk scheduled maintenance service plan, you can:

  • Maximize uptime with proactive maintenance and timely repairs and restoration
  • Protect equipment value with documented service and Nilfisk-certified spare parts
  • Keep maintenance cost low and predictable

Instant support

There when you need us

Need to get in touch with a Nilfisk technician? We’re ready to help.

  • Receive contact information for your nearest Nilfisk-certified technician
  • Get accurate projections on when you can expect your technician to arrive
  • Get immediate advice and support for troubleshooting less serious concerns

Global reach, local presence

Nilfisk is a global industry leader, but we take pride in solving local challenges – including yours. We know how important it is to maximize uptime, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your business targets, no matter the scale of your operation.

A partner every step of the way

With training and certification supported by decades of industry knowledge and experience, Nilfisk technicians are the foundation of our commitment and service.

Equipped with the tools and understanding needed to solve your maintenance challenges as efficiently as possible, they do more than simply conduct repairs – they help you to leverage any Nilfisk machine for maximum performance and benefit.

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Quality service – scaled to match your needs.

Nilfisk offers multiple service solutions, each with a unique offering.

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