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The innovative and flexible solution for tackling even the toughest cleaning challenges. Designed for heavy-duty tasks in manufacturing facilities, car parks, airports, shopping centers, and more, our floor scrubber vacuum machines deliver durability and high performance like no other.

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Sweeper and scrubber combination machines

Unparalleled Performance, Greener Technology

Powered by cutting-edge electric drive technology, our battery-powered or hybrid sweeper-scrubber machines offer unmatched performance while replacing outdated hydraulic systems. Say goodbye to power-hungry machines and embrace a greener, cleaner, and smarter cleaning solution.


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Industrial Rider Sweeper-Scrubbers

Hybrid & Battery Drive Sweeper-Scrubbers


Full Control, Minimal Training
Our OneTouch™ system simplifies floor scrubber vacuum operation, making it intuitive and efficient for operators. Ergonomic handles and touchpoints ensure easy control, reducing the need for extensive training and minimizing the risk of errors.

High-Performance Cleaning
Experience powerful sweeping and scrubbing in a single step with our innovative combination machines. Built with a rugged industrial engine design and a durable steel unibody frame, these sweeper scrubber machines deliver superior performance for large-area cleaning tasks.

Tailored to Your Needs
Customize your sweeper-scrubber machine with our wide range of optional features, including NoTools™ technology for easy replacement and adjustment, patented DustGuard™ technology, and the revolutionary Ecoflex™ system. Cut costs, enhance efficiency, and minimize labor and maintenance requirements.

Efficiency and Durability Redefined
Gone are the days of high-maintenance hydraulic systems. Our sweeper-scrubber combination machines feature an intelligent, electronically controlled electric technology that reduces maintenance costs and overall ownership expenses. Experience high efficiency and durability like never before.

Safety Enhanced, Compliance Assured
Our floor sweeper-scrubber machines prioritize safety with automatic speed reduction, minimizing the risk of impact damage. Adjustable seats and ergonomic handles ensure comfortable and secure operation. Rest assured, our floor scrubber vacuum machines comply with all applicable safety standards and come with third-party certification.

When it comes to tackling big cleaning challenges, Nilfisk sweeper-scrubber combination machines are the clear choice. Discover the future of industrial cleaning today.