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Robotic floor scrubbers

Experience the remarkable capabilities of Nilfisk's robotic floor scrubbers and streamline your cleaning process like never before. Embrace the future of cleaning technology today.

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Robotic floor cleaning

Nilfisk autonomous floor scrubbers are cutting-edge commercial robotic floor cleaners that are revolutionizing the cleaning industry. With their advanced technology, superior performance, and exceptional productivity, these automatic scrubbers offer a game-changing solution for larger spaces and applications. The best part? They free up your time, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.


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Nilfisk Liberty SC50

Freedom to do better
Liberty SC60

Our high-performance large-scale solution provides unbeatable productivity for larger spaces and applications
Liberty SC50 UVGI

Autonomous UVGI equiped floor scrubber for medium to large sized environments scrubs and disinfect floors

Benefits of Using Robotic Floor Scrubbers

Increase Productivity with Autonomous Floor Cleaning
The new generation of robotic floor scrubbers is capable of performing high-volume, repetitive cleaning tasks for extended periods without a loss in efficiency. Meanwhile, your team members can focus on tasks that require human dexterity, maximizing productivity. Moreover, with the ability to work around the clock, these autonomous floor scrubbers enable effective completion of nighttime cleaning jobs, allowing for improved overall cleaning or fewer labor hours.

Enhanced Cleaning Quality and Consistency
Consistency is the foundation of every robotic floor scrubber. These machines faithfully carry out their assigned cleaning tasks until instructed otherwise. With their reliance on battery power and proper use of water and detergent, you can expect reliable, repeatable results every time.

Built-in Monitoring and Reporting
Our robotic floor scrubbers come equipped with advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities. This allows you to track and evaluate the progress and quality of the cleaning process, making it easier to meet or even surpass your performance goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

User-Friendly Design for Simplified Operation
At Nilfisk, we understand that simplicity is key. Based on extensive customer research and feedback, we have developed an intuitive user interface for our robotic floor scrubbers. With easy-to-use buttons like "PLAY," "PAUSE," and "STOP" controlling essential functions, operators will find the interface straightforward and user-friendly. This ensures a shorter learning curve and less demand for training, ultimately optimizing efficiency.

Safety First with Autonomous Floor Scrubbers
Robotic floor scrubbers are engineered to handle dirty or hazardous tasks with utmost safety and precision. Particularly in factory environments or large warehouses, these machines can perform cleaning jobs that carry a higher risk to human personnel. Equipped with advanced sensors, they can navigate around potential hazards such as drops, water puddles, obstacles, and expensive machinery, minimizing the risk of collision or damage. This frees up your staff to focus on less risky tasks and allows the robotic floor scrubbers to tackle the more challenging cleaning jobs.