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Commercial and industrial floor scrubbers

Nilfisk commercial and industrial floor scrubbers increase cleaning productivity and lower cleaning costs. Find the right cleaning equipment for your facility.

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A floor scrubber for every job

Whether you manage a store, a school, or a distribution center, clean floors are the foundation of a safe and productive environment. Our commercial and industrial floor scrubbers feature the latest innovations in cleaning technology and are built to last. They will increase your cleaning productivity, lower your cleaning costs, and keep your facility in top shape.

Which floor scrubber
is right for you?

From compact micro scrubbers to large ride-on scrubbers to robotic floor cleaning equipment, Nilfisk offers solutions to meet your unique cleaning challenges. The most important factor in determining which floor is right for you is the size of the area to be cleaned.

Walk-behind floor scrubbers

Walk-behind floor scrubbers are flexible solutions for a variety of applications. Nilfisk walk-behind floor scrubbers can clean up to 50,000 square feet per hour.

Choose a walk-behind floor scrubber when:

  • Cleaning small to medium environments
  • There may be obstacles
  • Cleaning will occur when the area is closed or empty

Typical applications:
Retail stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Schools and universities, Sports centers, Office buildings, Construction sites


Ride-on floor scrubbers

Ride-on floor scrubbers provide high productivity in environments where the area to be cleaned is large and cleaning must be done quickly. Nilfisk ride-on floor scrubbers can clean up to 116,200 square feet per hour.

Choose a ride-on floor scrubber when:

  • There are few obstacles
  • Cleaning will occur when people are present

Typical Applications: Retail stores, Supermarkets / hypermarkets / big-box stores, warehouses and distribution centers, Airports, Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Schools and universities, Malls, and Manufacturing facilities


Autonomous floor scrubbers

Autonomous, or robotic, floor scrubbers provide the ultimate in cleaning productivity because they require only minimal operator oversight. Nilfisk autonomous floor scrubbers can clean up to 20,800 square feet per hour.

Choose an autonomous floor scrubber when:

  • Cleaning medium to large environments
  • Your cleaning team spends at least 3 hours every day cleaning the floor
  • The layout of the space doesn’t change frequently

Typical applications: Supermarkets / hypermarkets / big-box stores, Warehouses and distribution centers, Airports, Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, Schools and Universities, Malls, Entertainment and convention centers, and Office buildings


Need help selecting a floor scrubber for your commercial or industrial application? Get in touch with our product experts.

Scrubbing systems: Disc vs cylindrical vs orbital

All floor scrubbers perform the same function — they dispense solution onto the floor, scrub, and then vacuum up the liquid, leaving the floor clean and dry. Nilfisk floor scrubbers are available with three types of scrub decks: traditional disc and cylindrical decks, plus our exclusive REVTM and BoostTM orbital scrubbing technologies.


Disc scrubbing

A disc scrub deck has a pad or brush that rotates in one direction only. These floor scrubbers are ideal for routine cleaning and maintenance of any type of floor.


Cylindrical scrubbing

A cylindrical scrub deck has horizontal round brushes that spin in opposite directions. A main advantage is that you don’t have to pre-sweet before you scrub. These floor scrubbers are ideal for use on concrete or tile flooring and for heavier duty applications such as warehousing, light manufacturing, and large retail.


Orbital scrubbing

An orbital scrub deck vibrates at up to 2500 rpm, so it cleans very efficiently and requires much less water. Orbital scrubbers can also remove old floor finish using only water. These floor scrubbers are ideal for maintaining high-gloss floors in education, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Cleaning innovation from Nilfisk

Nilfisk has been at the forefront of cleaning innovation for more than 100 years. Our floor scrubbers feature industry-leading technologies to promote ease of use, improve cleaning efficiency, and reduce waste.

  • Meet your green cleaning goals and lower resource costs with EcoFlexTM
  • Achieve a uniform surface and remove old floor finish using water-only with REVTM and BoostTM
  • Control dust at the source with industry-exclusive DustGuardTM
  • Enhance safety by improving operator sightlines with ClearViewTM
  • Control solution use and reduce dump-and-refill cycles with SmartSolutionsTM
  • Extend productivity per tankful with SmartFlowTM
  • Simplify user operation and minimize training requirements with OneTouchTM
  • Improve operator accountability with SmartKeyTM
  • Clean without disturbing building occupants with QuietModeTM

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