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Discover the power of Nilfisk floor scrubbers and experience efficient, sustainable, and high-quality cleaning like never before.

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Experience Unmatched Cleaning with Nilfisk Floor Scrubbers

Enter a new era of cleanliness and efficiency with Nilfisk floor scrubbers. Our floor washer scrubbers combine the airflow and suction of a vacuum cleaner with the sanitizing capabilities of a mop and bucket for maximum floor cleaning results. Our range of floor scrubbers are not just floor cleaning machines — they are solutions to maintaining immaculate spaces whilst optimizing resources.


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Rider Scrubbers

Stand-on/ride-on scrubber/dryers
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Walk-behind scrubber and dryers

Benefits of floor scrubbers

Unparalleled Cleaning Efficiency
Nilfisk floor scrubbers bring the best of both worlds - power and precision. Experience a level of cleaning that combines the robust action of vacuum cleaners with the deep sanitizing capabilities of traditional cleaning. Thanks to the consistent brush pressure and exact water-detergent mix, even the toughest dirt doesn't stand a chance.

Optimal Resource Utilization
Our floor machine scrubbers are engineered to deliver the most while using the least. The smart chemical portioning feature ensures that just the right amount of chemicals and detergent are used for optimal cleaning. It's a win-win — you save on water, energy, and still get rid of stubborn dirt and stains effectively.

Noise-Free, Disruption-Free Cleaning
We recognize the need for quiet cleaning solutions, especially during daytime operations. That's why we've designed our floor scrubber machines to function at minimal noise levels. Select models even feature our exclusive SilentTech™ technology, offering even further noise reduction.

Compact and Convenient
No space is too narrow for a Nilfisk floor washer scrubber. The compact design of our range allows for easy maneuverability in tight areas, ensuring every corner is spotless.

Ease of Use
Nilfisk floor scrubbers are designed with you in mind. Enjoy the comfort of ergonomic handles on our walk-behind floor scrubber models, or the spacious legroom and straightforward steering on our ride-on floor scrubbers. With our Nilfisk OneTouch™ technology, getting your scrubber started is as simple as a single touch.