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Nilfisk SC50 with lithium-ion battery

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Achieve a new standard of productivity

Introducing Nilfisk SC50 with lithium-ion

The Nilfisk Liberty SC50 with lithium-ion battery delivers the longest autonomous runtime in the industry, unlocking productivity and improving ROI.

Why Nilfisk SC50 Lithium-Ion
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Unlock More Productivity

Autonomously cleaning more square feet, freeing time for employees to spend on higher value tasks

  • Longest autonomous run time in the industry
  • Free up operators to complete higher value tasks
  • Achieve single charge runtime up to 10+ hours
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Improve Your ROI

Maximizing productivity with lithium-ion helps minimize time to realize ROI

  • Increasing machine utilization delivers a faster ROI
  • Fixed battery costs, minimize downtime
  • Achieve ROI in 1.5 years
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Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Combination of lithium-ion module and fast charger options provides flexibility to meet current and future utilization needs

  • Achieve specific runtime needs with scalability
  • Increase runtime by adding modules at any time
  • Maximize available runtime with optional fast charger
When Lithium is Most Valuable

Max Single Charge

  • Unlock ability to clean autonomously during an entire shift
  • Get up to 10+ hours of run time from a single charge

Double Shift

  • Clean autonomously across multiple shifts with faster charge rates
  • Back to 90% charge in 2 hours with fast charger (optional), in 5.5 hours with standard onboard charger

Brief Yet Often

  • Get a quick boost during a break and get the job done
  • One hour on charge gets you one of of run time (OBC) without damaging the batteries


  • Conquer the most challenging continual cleaning demands
  • Get 10 hours of run time and recharge in just 2.5 hours

Talk to a Cleaning Expert

Interested in SC50 with lithium-ion? Reach out to our team of cleaning experts.

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