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From supermarkets and small stores to big-box retailers and shopping malls, cleaning standards are higher than ever before.

Nilfisk’s high-efficiency, high-performance solutions enable you to meet the new standards without straining your budget or your labor resources, and our large service and support network guarantees your equipment is always ready to tackle any cleaning challenge that arises.

The nature of retail store cleaning is changing. Together, we can change it for the better.

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Whether it's customer-facing or back-end, retail cleaning is experiencing massive change.

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Retail applications
Nilfisk’s high-performance vacuum and floorcare solutions deliver fast, effective, and safe cleaning for every area of your store.

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Retail Map 01 Shop Areas And Aisles Web
Shop areas and aisles


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Large open areas
Retail Map 03 Food Stand Areas Web
Food display areas
Retail Map 04 Warehouse And Storage Web
Warehousing and storage
  • Remove dirt and debris quickly with an SW8000 rider sweeper, featuring the widest main broom in its class and our patented DustGuardTM dust control system 
  • Clean floors in aisles and open areas efficiently with a Liberty SC60 autonomous floor scrubber, equipped with the largest scrub deck in its class, and free up staff time for other core responsibilities and high priority cleaning tasks such as disinfection of touch points 
  • Keep floors free of grease and other slipping hazards with an SC5000 floor scrubber, designed for agility and edge-to-edge cleaning 
  • Clean up spills quickly with a VL500 wet/dry vacuum
Retail Map 05 Desks And Workstations Placeholder
Desks and workstations
Retail Map 06 Lunch Rooms And Break Areas Web
Lunch rooms and break areas


Retail Map 07 Restrooms Web
Retail Map 08 Car Park Web
Parking lots
  • Pick up dirt and debris quickly with an SW5500 rider sweeper, featuring a high-capacity, high-dump hopper for increased productivity 
  • Eliminate grease, oil, and other unsightly slipping hazards with a high-capacity SC6000 ride-on scrubber dryer 
  • Remove gum and other stubborn substances with a high-pressure washer 

Industry-Leading Innovations in Retail Floorcare

Nilfisk Liberty SC50 and SC60 Autonomous Scrubber

​Let the robot do the repetitive work so your team can focus on higher-value tasks.

See our autonomous solutions in action ​

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Advance Advenger® Floor Scrubber

An efficient combination of versatility, productivity, and sustainability across three unique models 

Learn more about the latest in floorcare technology 

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting health, safety, and the environment

Increased cleaning shouldn’t have to come with increased risks to the environment. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we design every piece of equipment with safety and sustainability in mind.

Service and support

Interested in financing options?

A lack of capital shouldn’t keep you from achieving your cleaning goals. We offer flexible rental and leasing programs for our commercial, industrial, and outdoor cleaning equipment.
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Need help with your equipment?

Minimize your downtime and control your maintenance costs with our service packages. Our worldwide service network provides help when you need it, where you need it.
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Retail Industry Service

Clean is changing. Are you ready to embrace the change with us?

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