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CustomerZone has shut down. Please proceed to use the Nilfisk Store for all online ordering needs located at www.store.nilfisk.com


  • As of February 16, 2024, CustomerZone will no longer be accessible for order placement. To continue ordering online, please proceed to the Nilfisk Store at store.nilfisk.com

Q: Does this mean customers can no longer order online with Nilfisk?

No! Nilfisk launched the Nilfisk Store eCommerce site in 2022 which has all of the same functionality of CustomerZone. Customers can continue ordering online just as they always have using the Nilfisk Store.

Q: Why has CustomerZone shut down?

  • Nilfisk is in the process of upgrading our systems which has rendered CustomerZone inoperable.

Q: Will my credentials for CustomerZone work on the new site?

  • Unfortunately, no. If you have not yet created a login for the Nilfisk Store at store.nilfisk.com, you will need to register. Navigate to store.nilfisk.com and click on “Don’t have access? Sign up here” to register. After registering you will receive a link within 24 hours allowing you to use the new site.

  • Important note: Make sure you have your Nilfisk customer number on hand when registering. If you do not know your Nilfisk customer number, please contact customer care or your sales rep.

Q: How does a customer use the Nifisk Store?

  • We have a wealth of resources on how to use the Nilfisk Store on Nilfisk U. Go to www.nilfisku.com/en-us/customerzone where you will find a User Guide, FAQ Documents, and a full-on-demand pre-recorded webinar. If you require further assistance, you can reach out to customer care.