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For over 100 years, Advance has been a leading supplier of innovative commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. With our unmatched quality and commitment to service, Advance has built a reputation as the partner you can trust.

Advance, part of the Nilfisk Group, is a leading global provider of commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. We offer a full line of innovative floor cleaning machines and deliver unmatched quality and service to improve floor cleaning operations for in-house cleaners, contractors, and facility managers.


New commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment can be a big investment. You need a partner you can trust. Advance offers the most innovative, highest quality floor cleaning solutions, reduced total cleaning costs, an extensive local dealer network that can answer any question you have, and unmatched customer service that understands and responds to your needs.

For over one hundred years, Advance has delivered top quality commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment and responded to the changing needs of our customers and markets with innovative solutions. We merged with Danish company Nilfisk in 1994 to expand our global reach and continue offering the most innovative products on the market.


Nilfisk parts and accessories are designed and tested for optimal performance and reliability. That means you can count on Nilfisk to deliver the precision parts and accessories that you need and expect.

Maximize your productivity, safety and overall machine performance by selecting original Nilfisk parts and accessories. All Nilfisk parts and accessories are tested and optimized for high performance in order to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

With 11,000 spare parts on-hand in the United States, you can expect more cleaning time, more facilities cleaned and an exceptional customer experience. Nilfisk parts and accessories are designed and tested to deliver optimized cleaning performance, every time.