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May 26, 2022

Nilfisk unplugs cleaning with the introduction of the VHB436 battery-powered vacuum

Categories: Vacuum Filtration

The days of plugging-in and unplugging, and plugging-in yet again to perform professional cleaning in extended areas, is now a thing of the past. If you’re looking to release yourself from unsafe power cords tethered to far-away wall outlets, the solution has arrived. 

Lose the cord, enhance the benefits 

The new VHB436 maintains the same top-tier performance and filtration capability as traditional Nilfisk corded professional vacuums, while delivering high runtime, thanks to its high-powered lithium-ion batteries.  

Maximize your mobility, performance, and runtime 

The VHB436 is ideal for use in high-traffic environments where efficiency matters just as much as safety and achieving uncompromising results: 

  • Minimize the risk of slips or falls over the cord 
  • Safely capture potentially hazardous dust with available HEPA filtration options 
  • Reduce the risk of operator exposure with the Longopac® collection system 
  • Remain compliant with EU and US electrical safety regulations 

Experience the benefits of lithium-ion battery power 

Go cordless while never having to worry about getting the job done: 

  • Minimize downtime with 0 to 90% fast charging in just 2 hours 
  • Enjoy superior equipment lifespan up to seven years, with over 1,500 charge/discharge cycles 
  • Achieve optimum performance 

Interested in the VHB436? Talk to a cleaning expert today! 

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