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August 09, 2022

Designed to keep you productive from start to finish – Viper ROS1300

With the launch of the Viper ROS1300 ride-on sweeper, Nilfisk is bringing all new features to the ride-on cleaning community that will help increase productivity – all while creating a more pleasant, comfortable, and agile work-ride experience for hard working cleaning crews. 

So, take a seat, adjust it to your personal preference, and press the one-touch start button to get straight to work – your primary broom, side brooms and vacuum fan are all instantly engaged. 

As you’re sweeping several standout functions contribute to your productivity.  

Avoid creating dust plumes as you work  

With the ROS1300 dust isn’t a problem – simply switch on the dust-control misting system to significantly mitigate unwanted dustups around side brushes during cleaning sweeps. 

Efficiently sweep up slopes 

The ROS1300 features powerful rear-wheel drive and a foot-operated front flap, so that the collection of large debris and the ability to navigate and clean on uneven surfaces is never a challenge. 

Easy self-maintenance 

The ROS1300 was designed with the word trouble-free in mind, incorporating smart, tool-free maintenance into its construction - which means you won’t be phased by making minor service adjustments during real time use as needed. 

More sweeping, less dumping 

The ROS1300 is a powerful machine capable of a lot more sweeping and less dumping with its high capacity 130-liter hopper and (optional) three mini containers for convenient debris dump.  

Clean with ease 

While cleaning with maximum efficiency you’ll also enjoy a few new user-friendly features like the built-in cup holder, handy USB port and convenient phone/electronic device holder to keep you entertained and in-touch while you work. 

To learn more about how you can experience the new ROS1300, click here.

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