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July 05, 2023

Why Choose Nilfisk Pneumatic Conveyors?

Ideal for transferring pharma, chemical, and food powders, the new Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors are ready to be integrated in process machines and immediately increase the automation of your production site with greater safety.

Pneumatic conveyors are used to move powders from containers and bins inside packaging and compressing machines, and they offer many advantages:

  • Move pre-mixed material, preserving its integrity, and keeping the percentages of the single components intact
  • Move empty capsules of different sizes, preserving their integrity and avoiding opening during conveyance.
  • Avoid dust dispersion and product contamination. The conveyed material is kept in an isolated environment from the pickup to the release point.

Nilfisk offers compressed air and electrically-driven conveyors designed in compliance with electrical safety standards and stringent food and pharmaceutical regulations. The range of conveyors offered includes stand-alone and customized, ready-to-use machines, that require minimal installation effort and offer a wide range of performance options tailored to industry or desired material processing needs.

Our newest models include:

  • The 3-Series, a range of pneumatic conveyors designed to automatically feed process machines (such as capsule filling machines or tablet press with fine powders) and is available pneumatically (with two ejectors and three stages) or electrically driven.
  • The 9-Series conveyors, which keep all the best features of the previous model, with key upgrades including:
    • VFD motor control
    • Conveyance up to 65,000 capsules per minute, without any capsule separation

Explore our range of 3-Series and 9-Series pneumatic conveyors or schedule a free site assessment to learn if Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors can increase your production capacity while lowering production costs.

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