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September 18, 2015

Nilfisk Introduces New Safe-Pak Collection Container

Nilfisk Safe-Pak, a sealed, HEPA-filtered collection container designed to safely collect hazardous, potent compounds, is now available in conductive plastic. This Safe-Pak option, when combined with a fully bonded and grounded Nilfisk vacuum, supports compliance with the NFPA guidelines for handling combustible dust in non-hazardous (non-classified) pak container The Nilfisk Safe-Pak is a safe change vacuum collection bin that allows users to safely collect and dispose of ultra-secure dangerous materials, including potent compounds. Users never come in contact with the hazardous material. The system saves time and money by preventing the need to “gown-up” for disposal. It also allows companies to easily account for the weight of collected potent materials. Nilfisk conductive Safe-Paks are available in 360mm and 460mm sizes, fit for Nilfisk vacuum models 3156, 3306, VHW420, VHW 421 and VHW 440. Visit to learn more.
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