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June 19, 2023

Meet Our Latest Ride-On Scrubber with a More Compact Design

Looking for a new scrubber that is agile, flexible and easy to use? Take a look at our latest addition to the Nilfisk family the Advance SC4000, a high-productivity commercial ride-on scrubber perfect for cleaning both large, open spaces and smaller areas. With a more compact design, it is easy to maneuver in narrow spaces and able to pass through standard-sized commercial doorways.

Available in both high-performance (HP) and standard models, the SC4000 was developed with schools, hospitals, and retail stores in mind, and is designed to clean a wide variety of flooring surfaces, with its highly versatile three deck options:

  • Disc decks available in 28 inch and 34 inch
  • Cylindrical decks available in 28 inch and 32 inch
  • REVTM deck available in 28 inch

Productivity, Ease of Use and Easy Maintenance

Key performance and feature upgrades of the Advance SC4000 include:

  • Up to 5 mph with HP models, 4.4 mph with standard, empowers you to work quickly and easily, regardless of obstacles/changing environment.
  • OneTouch™ button and the intuitive digital display ensure correct settings and high cleaning performance.
  • Best-in-class turning radius, a compact profile, and quiet operation allow you to clean inconspicuously any time – even in congested environments.
  • SmartFlow™ technology that adjusts the solution flow according to the travel speed ensures high-quality cleaning every time, regardless of soil level.
  • The optional EcoFlex™ system saves water and detergent and increases productivity.
  • Clear-View™ design and steering-mounted controls improves safety.
  • Intuitive OneTouch™ controls and SmartKey™ simplifies training and manages operational parameters.
  • REVTM delivers superior daily scrubbing performance with far less water and chemicals as well as chemical-free floor finish removal
  • Cylindrical decks allow simultaneous light sweeping and scrubbing, increasing your productivity and cleaning efficiency and eliminating the need for pre-sweeping.

Don’t Miss a Beat

If you need a scrubber that can clean all areas with ease, navigate doorways, go up and down aisles, and increase your productivity in open spaces, learn more about the Advance SC4000.

And remember, with Nilfisk you ALWAYS receive ongoing technical support, training programs, and online tools to maximize the long-term value of your investment.

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