Nilfisk Showcases New Industrial Vacuums and Pneumatic Conveyers for Pharma at INTERPHEX 2023 | Nilfisk Official Website
March 27, 2023

Nilfisk Showcases New Industrial Vacuums and Pneumatic Conveyers for Pharma at INTERPHEX 2023

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional cleaning equipment, Nilfisk will showcase its newest and most effective cleaning equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing at INTERPHEX 2023, Booth #1866. With solutions ranging from the clean-up of dry ingredients during mixing to conveying powders, granules and capsules, to containing hazardous dust during filling and compacting, Nilfisk equipment is integral to the production process of nearly every major pharmaceutical company worldwide. 

Attendees can enter for a chance to win a GM80 Vacuum a lightweight, portable and nearly indestructible vacuum with a unique dual filter option to use either HEPA or ULPA exhaust filters. 

Other product spotlights include: 

  • Two, three-stage pneumatic conveyors that have no moveable parts in the working environment, with discharge systems that are normally directly sealed to the material receiver container, to eliminate contamination and safety risks to operators: 
    • The NPN 9GT Pneumatic Capsule Conveyor designed for automatic material processing keeps all the best features of the previous model, with upgrades including VFD motor control and conveyance of up to 65,000 capsules per minute without any capsule separation.  
    • The NPN 3VP Pneumatic Powder Conveyer offering low consumption of compressed air (4 nl/sec @ 72.5 psi) and up to 30% greater efficiency than any standard Venturi tube.  
  • The mobile VHW441 C2D2 Three-Phase Vacuum, which delivers continuous-duty operation for collecting combustible dusts in Class II Division 2-rated work environments.  

Sourcing a complete line of professional cleaning solutions ensures a safe, hygienic and effective manufacturing environment. For a complete overview of Nilfisk equipment for pharmaceutical facilities, visit INTERPHEX 2023, Booth #1866. 

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