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October 22, 2021

How Green Cleaning Helps Make the Warehousing and Logistics Industry More Sustainable – Part 2

9 ways warehousing and logistics facilities can make their cleaning programs more sustainable 

By choosing cleaning products and equipment that maximize productivity and minimize resource usage, the warehousing sector can significantly decrease its environmental footprint. 

Here are nine ways facilities can make their cleaning programs more sustainable:  

  1. Invest in high-quality equipment. Over the long term, investing in high-quality equipment that’s designed for use in industrial environments will save you money and help you reduce waste because you’ll have to replace it less often. 
  2. Use green cleaning products. The EPA provides excellent resources for this, including the Safer Choice program, the Design for the Environment label, and databases of recommended floor care products for industrial use. 
  3. Use automatic floor scrubbers that offer low-flow and water-only cleaning. The industrial sector accounts for nearly one-fifth of global freshwater consumption, and as much as half of that can be due to cleaning. 
  4. Use sweepers with dust control systems. This improves indoor air quality and contributes to employee health and safety. 
  5. Replace gas-powered cleaning equipment with more energy-efficient machines. Many new options have come on the market, such as electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and long-lasting battery-powered equipment. 
  6. Replace single-use machines with multi-use equipment. In large facilities, a combination sweeper-scrubber can clean faster and more efficiently than two separate machines. 
  7. Train your operators on green cleaning. Provide training to get your front-line operators involved in your sustainability initiatives and to ensure they’re using cleaning products and equipment appropriately. 
  8. Maintain your cleaning equipment to extend its life. Replacing cleaning equipment is expensive. Not only that, but equipment that isn’t properly maintained won’t run as energy-efficiently as it’s supposed to. 
  9. Choose an equipment supplier that offers recycling or refurbishment programs. These programs not only keep waste out of landfills, but they also reduce the cost of cleaning equipment. 

Nilfisk green cleaning innovations for warehousing and logistics 

Nilfisk is dedicated to leading the industry in making cleaning activities sustainable. Here are four of our most popular green cleaning innovations for the warehousing sector: 

  • SmartFlowTM solution management system. SmartFlow automatically reduces solution flow when the machine slows down, such as around a corner. This decreases your use of water and detergent, extends your productivity per tankful, and reduces the likelihood of slip-and-fall incidents. 
  • EcoFlexTM green cleaning system. EcoFlex allows you to adjust the cleaning parameters on the fly in response to the needs of the job. EcoFlex provides four cleaning modes: full-strength, ultra-low-level detergent, and water-only cleaning, as well as a 60-second “burst of power” function that temporarily increases detergent strength, solution flow, and brush pressure. 
  • REVTM random orbital scrubbing technology. Based on the principles of sanding wood, REV allows you to strip floors using less water and detergent than the traditional stripping process. It also extends the lifespan of your flooring. 
  • DustGuard™ dust control system. DustGuard suppresses dust at the side brooms of industrial floor sweepers, ensuring that everything in the sweeper’s path is swept directly into the hopper. 

Visit our Warehousing and Logistics page to learn more. 

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