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June 24, 2013

Food: Hot Oven Clean-Up with the Right Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The US bakery industry includes about 8,800 commercial and retail bakeries with a combined annual revenue of about $33 billion (according to the 2012 Bakery Product Manufacturing report). Commercial bakeries spend countless hours producing our favorite treats, desserts and breads. Oven bottoms and sides are often encrusted with baked-on food and grease. Bakery owners and sanitation managers are tasked with finding ways to clear loose debris to prevent general wear and tear of industrial ovens and keep them functioning at its highest possible level while baking the highest quality products. Many bakeries are ditching traditional cleaning methods of scraping the debris with brushes and then shoveling or sweeping for industrial vacuum cleaners to efficiently collect baked flour, food particles and crumbs. An industrial vacuum with a high temperature resistant main filter such as a Nomex® star filter (for materials up to 464 ° F; efficiency of 99.7% at 1.5 microns) will get the job done right. Most importantly, it will reduce production downtime by not having to wait for the oven to completely cool off before cleaning.  A large main filter and external filter shaker will reduce vacuum downtime and help maintain vacuum performance. Also, remember, a durable and portable vacuum cleaner will make it easier for maintenance staff to maneuver around tight spaces within the facility. Don't forget to equip your industrial vacuum with these food-friendly attachments/tools:
  • A HEPA exhaust filter to reduce allergens and prevent cross contamination;
  • High-temperature hose (i.e. flexible steel hose) and accessories (i.e. wheeled oven cleaning nozzle) to that won't melt or break; and
  • High-temperature extension wands to reach the back of ovens.
Products to consider: 118, S2, S3 To learn more about sanitation efficiency in the food industry, download a copy of our free resource guide.
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