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July 26, 2023

Listen to Free Webinar: Ensure Your DHA is Done Right

As Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA) has gained recognition, the number of unqualified DHA professionals and engineers providing DHAs has exponentially increased to fill this unmet need, explains Jason Reason, lead combustible dust consultant for Airdusco in his recent webinar, “Decrease Combustible Dust Hazards and Operating Costs through an Effective DHA.

In the webinar, which is co-sponsored by Nilfisk, Reason goes on to say that the so-called DHAs provided by unqualified individuals have diluted the understanding of what an effective DHA should be and, subsequently, how combustible dust, fire and explosion hazards should be mitigated. In addition to creating a false sense of safety, DHAs performed by unqualified or biased individuals often recommend expensive devices and methods to mitigate nonexistent or improperly identified objectives.

Reason’s webinar provides manufacturers with tips to avoid these DHA pitfalls and an opportunity to:

  • Discuss what makes individuals qualified to perform a DHA and how these qualified individuals have the greatest effect on the DHA outcome/quality and safety of any personnel affected by the combustible dust fires, deflagrations and explosions.
  • Identify a “bad” DHA and the safety and economic consequences of these DHAs performed by unqualified or biased individuals.
  • Describe how a correctly performed DHA can increase employee safety and decress operating costs through process improvements and the elimination of unnecessary controls.
  • Comply with the prescriptive-based requirements specified in the current NFPA combustible dust standards and the upcoming NFPA 660 Standard on Combustible Dust.

Nilfisk underscores the importance of conducting a DHA using a qualified individual before purchasing any equipment to ensure your DHA correctly informs your dust control program. Once you have your DHA, we’d be happy to discuss your combustible dust action plan and recommend the proper equipment.

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