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May 14, 2012

DIY Filter Changes on your Nilfisk GM80

The Nilfisk GM80 is a vacuum cleaner icon in a number of industries. Lightweight and portable, this versatile machine provides the durability and performance required by dust control professionals. You will and want to have it around for years. This R2-D2 lookalike comes standard with multistage filtration, so each level of filtration protects the next level. As we have said with our other vacuums, if you’re diligent about replacing your paper bags and microfilters, you’ll easily extend the life of the larger, more expensive filters…and even the life of the vacuum. We want to help you keep your beloved Nilfisk vacuum around for a long time. Let Frank, our technical service rep, show you how to change the paper bag, microfilter, main filter, and exhaust filter on your GM80 in these three new videos: Time to purchase replacement accessories and/or filters? Visit our website or call our Customer Service department at (800)645-3475.
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