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November 14, 2016

NEW ATTIX 33 & 44 Overview Video

Nilfisk's latest addition, ATTIX 33 & 44 models, feature a complete re-engineered design keeping professionals in mind. These models del…

Health and Safety Nilfisk News and Updates Product Info Videos
November 03, 2016

Is Your Vacuum Cleaner NFPA 652-Compliant?

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear today is the idea that if your facility isn’t a hazardous or classified environment, you don’t nee…

Combustible Dust Product Info
October 31, 2016

Cross-Contamination: The Enemy of Safe, Pure, and Effective

As anyone in the pharma industry can attest, since about 2000, the number of FDA inspections has increased. The agency has more inspectors o…

Hazardous Dust Pharmaceutical / Cleanrooms
October 20, 2016

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Advantage of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The sticker price for an industrial vacuum cleaner is considerably higher than the sticker price of a mop or a broom. That’s a pretty obviou…

Health and Safety Vacuum Filtration
October 19, 2016

Taking the First Steps to Comply with NFPA 652

Understanding the first steps when dealing combustible dust is essential to properly adhering to NFPA 652. View the video here, to understan…

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