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Clean is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic is fundamentally altering many aspects of our lives, making us more focused on cleanliness and hygiene than ever before. 

Cleanliness is now business-critical for all industries, and the process of cleaning is moving from backstage to center stage. This isn’t a small adjustment – it’s a paradigm shift that will require many companies to completely rethink how they approach the concept of cleaning.  

Nilfisk has identified four dimensions of clean that define this new reality. Together, they are the map we will use to help our customers navigate the changing demands, needs, and standards. 

Let’s not just adapt to the new reality – let’s make things better together.

How prepared is your business?

Where are you strong and where do you have an opportunity to improve? Get a quick overview of both by answering four easy questions about the 4 Dimensions of Clean in our survey – and see how your cleaning program can leverage change for maximum benefit.


Ready to dive deeper into what we mean when we say “Clean is changing”? Read our articles to get insider perspectives on the 4 Dimensions of Clean, and how they’re being realized today – and tomorrow.

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The new scope of cleaning

The pandemic has inspired a paradigm shift in the way we think about cleaning. Today, cleanliness is synonymous with safety, and safety is crucial for trust.

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Tech-enhanced cleaning

Paradigm-shifting challenges require paradigm-shifting solutions. Autonomous cleaning solutions and other cutting-edge innovations can help organizations ensure clean, safe environments more efficiently than ever. 

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Transparent and visible cleaning

Cleaning has never mattered more in modern times, but how do you balance the need for a higher standard with your customers’ need for peace of mind? Get guidance on what it takes to safeguard your customers and brand experience simultaneously.

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Sustainable cleaning

Increased cleaning represents a greater risk of resource waste…but also greater opportunities to make real progress towards a greener future. Discover how we think the world can prioritize public and environmental well-being with smarter cleaning solutions.

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