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About Nilfisk

A leading global provider of professional cleaning products and services.

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Nilfisk Group

Leading global provider

The company was founded on a vision of producing and selling products of the highest quality worldwide and for more than a hundred years, Nilfisk has adapted to the changing needs of markets and customers with innovative products and solutions. With a global sales force and proven sales channels, we have established strong and valuable customer relations and partnerships across the world and we strive to be at the forefront of technological advancement to drive future customer needs.

Today, Nilfisk offers an extensive range of premium cleaning products and a trusted aftermarket offering to the professional market. Our main product lines are floorcare equipment, vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers and a wide range of domestic vacuum cleaners and high pressure washers to consumers worldwide.


We enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life


Make our customers cleaning smarter

At Nilfisk we have a clear vision. We want to lead intelligent cleaning to make our customers’ business smarter. See our vision film and learn more.


Embrace the future of opportunities

Our strategy “Nilfisk Next” allows us to embrace the future opportunities and harvest the benefits of new technology. Nilfisk Next consists of four clearly defined strategic drivers.

Updated Strategy Scropped

The four strategic drivers set a clear direction for the future development of Nilfisk. The drivers guide a number of significant transformations which will be implemented across the organization over the coming years. Transformations which will benefit customers and employees and ensure that we reach our vision of leading intelligent cleaning to make our customers’ business smarter​.

Company milestones

Potential of technology through history

As our timeline shows, we have been committed to bringing innovative cleaning solutions to market and grow our business to lead the industry since 1906.