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Industrial vacuum cleaners

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are the optimal solution for maintenance, cleaning and production automation, and are helpful for cleaning in confined areas and for the removal of hazardous dust and fumes. Industrial vacuums are also useful in places where no dust emissions are allowed, such as areas with dust-sensitive machinery and laboratories.

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Industrial vacuum cleaners

- for all industries and cleaning needs

The Nilfisk range of innovative industrial vacuum solutions includes powerful fixed and mobile vacuum cleaners, centralized vacuum systems, and dust containment systems for the removal of any type of production waste, both liquid and solid and pneumatic conveyors for the transportation of materials from one place to another.

Single-phase or three-phase, compressed air or battery powered, our industrial vacuum cleaners can collect wet or dry material, combustible dust, and toxic or very fine powder, in any type of industry. Nilfisk industrial vacuums are third-party certified in compliance with European and American Directives, i.e. ACD, ATEX etc.


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Examples of potentially combustible dust include cereals, flour, starch, sugar, animal feed, light metals, coal, plastics, and textiles.
Hazardous dust

When it comes to workplace safety and the potential danger level of dusts, three classes of dusts considered a risk to health have been identified: L (low risk), M (medium risk) and H (high risk).
Health and safety wet & dry

Hazardous dust demands the highest level of safety to ensure maximum health protection.


Reduce time and resources dedicated to cleaning
Years of experience and knowledge have enabled us to develop innovative industrial vacuum solutions for every need across different industrial settings. This allows you to reduce time and resources with highly specialized state-of-the-art industrial vacuum cleaners engineered to fit your needs.

A safe and healthy working environment
When it comes to workplace safety, Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaners offer the safest and most effective way to collect dust considered a health risk. We offer vacuums developed for harmful and combustible dust of all danger levels (with L, M, H class certified filters and machines, and with ACD and ATEX certified machines) for all types of zone classifications and different materials.

Increased automation and efficiency
A Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaner is the optimal solution for maintenance, cleaning and production automation. Our wide range of both wet and dry vacuum cleaners can help improve your automation efficiency and reduce necessary resources while maintaining or improving quality.

Optimal hygienic solutions across industries
Ensure the highest hygienic standard, not only in the working environment, but also in the products. Our product range covers vacuum cleaning solutions specially developed to avoid cross-contamination in eg. the food, beverages, and pharma industries.

Easy to use industrial vacuum cleaners
Designed with an intuitive interface, easy setup, and optimal ergonomics, Nilfisk industrial vacuum cleaners are easy to use and easy to manoeuvre. Stress-free, simple handling, along with our unbeatable product lifetime and low maintenance needs, ensure the effective performance you need to keep your business moving.