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Nilfisk sweepers help you pick up debris while keeping dust under control. Our range offers dust-free sweeping for any size application and for both indoor and outdoor tasks. Nilfisk sweepers are designed to withstand tough working conditions. They are durable and ensure high productivity.

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Floor sweepers

- for efficient indoor and outdoor clean up

Nilfisk sweepers have powerful cleaning abilities and ensure high productivity for a wide variety of industries and environments. A Nilfisk sweeper will help you pick up debris while keeping dust under control and it is designed to withstand tough working conditions with durability and effectiveness.

The Nilfisk sweeper product line covers a wide range of floor sweepers ranging from walk-behind to ride-on sweepers that offer dust-free sweeping for any size of application and for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

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Manual sweepers

Nilfisk manually-operated sweepers are simple, operator-friendly and easy to maintain, yet highly efficient.
Ride-on sweepers

Nilfisk ride-on sweepers are compact, manoeuvrable and reliable. They are designed with simplicity and reliability in mind and guarantee a high level of productivity.
Walk-behind sweepers

Walk-behind sweepers


Combine cleaning power and ease of use
Easy handling and impressive cleaning go hand in hand with the operator-friendly floor sweepers from Nilfisk. An intuitive user interface and simple installation on all sweepers, from walk-behind to ride-on machines, ensure that a Nilfisk floor sweeper will get you sweeping in no time.

Reduced downtime with a unique service concept
The Nilfisk service concept ensures that your floor sweeper is ready whenever you need it. Four distinct service packages offer ideal support for operations of any scale. With regular service and maintenance, you are ensured optimal performance and uptime while maximizing and protecting the value of your investment.

Reliable under even the toughest conditions
Designed to withstand tough working conditions both in- and outdoors, Nilfisk sweepers are ready for any cleaning challenge. Whether you need a walk-behind, or ride-on sweeper, the Nilfisk range of floor sweepers offers the most durable, reliable, and easiest to handle floor sweeping machines on the market.

High efficiency sweeping
The Nilfisk range of sweepers makes sweeping easier and faster than ever before on different type of floors be it hard floors or carpets! Efficient on both interior and exterior surfaces of many different types, a Nilfisk floor sweeper will remove even coarse and different kinds of debris, dust, and waste for efficient cleaning with minimal effort.

Safe solutions for all industries
All sweepers are simple to use and ensure a safe working environment for the handlers of the sweeper machine. With safety and reliability as a top priority in the development and production of all cleaning equipment, Nilfisk is an industry frontrunner in safe cleaning solutions across industries.