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Today’s shopping environments are more complex than ever, both indoors and outdoors. Nilfisk knows that maintaining your standard at every hour requires equipment with the right balance of performance and efficiency. Our solutions give you the flexibility needed to tackle various challenges with confidence, whenever they arise, for consistently outstanding results. Explore our portfolio to learn how we can help you make the best impression with every customer.



Clean, safe supermarkets

Clean, fresh-looking facilities deliver the best impression and customer experience. Nilfisk can help you improve the cleanliness of your high-traffic spaces with specific professional cleaning solutions in each area of the store – from sales floors to food halls.

SC500 Supermarket Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TJUULK

Safer food halls and kitchens

Many supermarkets have bakeries, meat counters, and fish stands. When you prepare and sell food for many customers each day, it’s important to maintain high hygienic standards in your kitchens. Our cleaning machines deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity – leaving kitchen floors clean, dry, safe, and ready for use.

VL500 55 Kitchen Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 OLEOHB

Cleaner, more welcoming spaces

With heavy footfall from customers across the entire day, your store may require continuous daytime cleaning. Clean facilities create the best impression and improve the overall customer experience. We can help you maintain  the cleanliness of your busy store with specific solutions for each area – everything from special entrances to different floor types.

VP600 Shop Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TJJJLB

Safe, spotless floors

Innovative, intuitive technologies make our portfolio of automatic scrubbers and burnishers and effective, efficient solution. Our machines use fewer chemicals and less detergent, improving indoor air quality and safety for both customers and staff.

Nilfisk products are designed to clean as quietly as possible in order to provide a pleasant customer experience. We can provide a floorcare solution that assures the high standard of hygiene you require.

GD930HA Shop Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 JPUOTF

A greater sense of convenience

In convenience stores that sell groceries, snacks, and beverages, it’s important to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Our solutions deliver superior performance without sacrificing productivity, leaving your store clean, safe, and inviting.

SCRUBTEC 130 Gas Station3 Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 CPPHNS

A more impressive shopping experience

Clean, fresh-looking facilities deliver the best impression and customer experience. We help improve the appearance and safety of busy shopping centers with professional cleaning solutions that cover cleaning needs across different areas of your store – from sales floors and walkways to food halls.

GD930HA Shop Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 JPUOTF

Improving cleanliness for over 100 years

Nilfisk floor and surface cleaning equipment is designed to make facilities more sanitary and cleaning practices more productive. Our environmentally-sound cleaning solutions improve cleanliness with fewer chemicals and less labour, and boost comfort and the overall experience within facilities. Quick and efficient cleaning solutions that will enhance your reputation and productivity are all part of our commitment to provide you with superior value, reliability and efficiency in everything we make and everything we do.