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Supporting you at every level

Years of industry-leading experience
make us your ideal partner.

A partner that knows your needs

Even with the best equipment available, maximum uptime is integral to the bottom line. As a service partner that considers your performance requirements and business targets, Nilfisk’s ability to deliver consistent customer value is backed by decades of knowledge, and a commitment to efficient, effective support.

Service that
works beneath
the surface

Nilfisk’s service packages offer a range of equipment-coverage benefits, whether you need support for an entire fleet or spare parts for a single unit – and that’s only the beginning.


Our digital service initiatives will help take the guesswork out of cleaning operations – big or small – and help our customers to optimize the way they achieve their goals.

Global reach, local presence

Nilfisk currently provides high-quality support solutions for over 75,000 customers around the world, conducting over 500,000 service visits annually to ensure optimal performance, and lower total cost, for upwards of 125,000 professional machines across a wide variety of segments.







With a global support network of over 800 Nilfisk-certified technicians, constant knowledge-sharing and process-optimization, and access to original-quality spare parts via strategically positioned distribution centers, our goal is to ensure that your equipment maintains performance expectations – or even exceeds them – from start to finish.

As your partner,
we view your success as our own.

Join us in our mission to deliver the kind of cleaning solutions that have helped improve quality of life for generations, and learn more about how we’ll do the same for generations to come.