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Cleanliness is a top priority for hospitality facilities. A single bad review due to poor housekeeping or hygiene can do significant damage to a hotel’s or restaurant’s bottom line, and unclean conditions in a kitchen can lead to the spread of infections and disease. Nilfisk equipment provides superior cleaning results to keep customers safe and healthy, and is quiet enough that they won’t even notice when the cleaning is happening.

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Your customers depend on the very best cleaning equipment and services to keep learning environments clean and comfortable for students, staff, and visitors.

Nilfisk has low-noise, environmentally-responsible machines that keep lecture halls, hallways and other facilities in top shape.

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Whether they’re indoor or outdoor, public facilities and spaces need to be kept clean to make a great impression and keep visitors safe. With our broad range of cleaning machines, you can be sure that you have the right equipment for any cleaning task, from sweeping streets and parking lots to vacuuming the floors in government buildings.

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Clean offices promote employee health, safety, and productivity, and also make a great impression on visitors. Our versatile, easy-to-use cleaning equipment is ideal for everything from reception areas and hallways to office spaces and conference rooms. Low noise levels and eco-friendly technologies ensure that cleaning is unobtrusive and that the results support the health of both the building’s occupants and the environment.

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Kitchen and restaurant hygiene is a top priority for your customers.

As your cleaning partner, Nilfisk will help your catering customers maintain their reputation for impeccable hygiene standards.

SC351 Restaurant Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 OULUEP

A clean retail environment is necessary for a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, which is necessary to keep customers coming back again and again. Our easy-to-use and easy-to-maneuver vacuums, scrubbers and sweepers are ideal for stores of all shapes and sizes, providing high-quality cleaning results for any type of flooring, while also reducing the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

SC500 Supermarket Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 TJUULK

To keep patients safe and healthy, healthcare facilities must be cleaned to the highest level. Often, cleaning must be performed when staff, patients, and visitors are present. Our high-efficiency, quiet cleaning solutions work quickly and quietly to help you achieve the desired results even during daytime hours.

SC1500 Hospital Ps 570Maxwidth Cs 570X320 OLCJLB

A huge number of people pass through metro and bus terminals every day. Regular cleaning is required to ensure their health and safety, while also keeping platforms and pathways clear of obstacles. Our equipment can meet the routine cleaning demands of these environments, and also provide the spot cleaning frequently required, especially in winter, to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall incidents.

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Warehouses get dusty and dirty quickly, thanks to the constant in-and-out traffic of people and vehicles, as well as the packing and unpacking of products. Our industrial scrubbers, sweepers and vacuums have a wide scrubbing path and powerful collection systems to keep warehouses free of dirt and debris. Equipped with industry-leading dust control systems, the equipment also enhances safety by ensuring dust doesn’t accumulate on overhead pipes and surfaces.

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