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VHB436 Hero Update

The upgraded vacuum now runs on fast-charging, cost-effective Lithium batteries


A new level of ease (and efficiency)
​Since its introduction, the original vacuum, Nilfisk VHB436, has been a much-requested product for vacuuming any large industrial facility, immaculately tackling any cleaning tasks.

​ Now the upgraded version is here. No plug, just play.​
The Nilfisk VHB436 is a highly flexible cleaning station running on fast-charging , cost-effective Lithium batteries with a zero-maintenance design. Moreover, it features improved accessories making it possible to thoroughly clean any tough-to-reach area throughout your facility. High or low, underneath shelving, or along narrow aisles? Bring it on!

Clean every area of your facility with an unmatched ease
Get your freedom upgraded
Box1 500X500

New battery-powered, cordless design allows you to clean in areas without power while keeping your warehouse or facility free of trip and fall accidents.

Box2 500X500

With the accessory and hose holder included as standard, you can keep your large area cleaning jobs moving without missing a beat.

Box3 500X500

When it is critical to collect and contain even the finest dust, having top-tier HEPA filtration can be the difference maker, ensuring a safe space for production not least the health of your workforce.

Box4 500X500

Equipped with a range of optional accessories such as a lightweight accessories kit and scraper to keep your facility squeaky clean.

Download the Nilfisk VHB436 Brochure

You’re one step closer to getting a full overview of the Nilfisk VHB436 as well as a complete outline of its features and benefits to help you clean better and more efficiently.

VHB436 LP Brochure 500X500

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