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Dedication towards a brighter future

Dedication towards a brighter future


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Sustainable cleaning is good for business. It brings costs down and offers faster cleaning times. It lowers water use and minimises cleaning with detergents. Striving to be fully sustainable is a challenge we all face. That's why we are working more intently than ever to make it easier for you to achieve desired sustainability targets. We’re here to help. Sustainability is achieved one step at a time. Let us help you get there.

Step-by-step on the way to sustainability

We are dedicated to making sustainable cleaning for businesses and consumers a real possibility.


Especially during these challenging times, the cost of energy and preserving resources is more important than ever. It’s our mission to help bring your cleaning costs down, without compromising cleaning efficiency. Our Nilfisk R&D professionals have conducted internal testing related to how you can save water, reduce detergent required and lower energy use using Nilfisk scrubbers. We are ready to meet with you to demonstrate how we can put your business on the path to a better clean.


  • Help you use up to 40% less water, 60% less detergent and up to 20% less energy when using your scrubber
  • Extend the life of your cleaning machines with regular service, to minimise renewal costs
  • Guide you to more efficient cleaning processes
Savemoney Sustainablecleaning


Using less energy to perform tasks is a challenge that is impacting businesses everywhere. Corporations, customers and countries worldwide require a viable approach to saving energy. When you use the right cleaning machines, you can save up to 20% of energy used, while continuing to clean efficiently. This both lowers machine operating hours. This both lowers machine operating hours and reduces the number of man-hours required to get the job done. Let’s discuss how this can benefit your business.

Lowercost Sustainablecleaning


Imagine cleaning the same floor areas and being able to use up to 40% less water while achieving the same level of cleaning efficiency.

Savings that lower water bills

With Nilfisk ECOFlex™ and SMARTFlow™ technology, you can conserve as much as 53,000 liters of water annually when cleaning 10,000​m² of floor space. That’s nearly equivalent to the amount of water it takes to fill a backyard swimming pool – substantial water savings that can be used to complete other tasks around your facility.

Get the essential tips and tricks from our team of experts to learn how you can drastically reduce water use when cleaning your floors.

Meanwhile, try out our new Benefits Calculator to see how much water you can save every time you use your scrubber dryer in your facility.

Or book a meeting with one of our professionals to get a tailor-made solution for your facility.

Lesswater Sustainablecleaning

The floormulator

Calculate your savings of water and detergent

Surface area in square meters

Level of dirt

Cleaning frequency

Potential Savings:



Less detergent use means a cleaner water supply, as well as lower cleaning costs. When utilising EcoFlex™ and SmartFlow™ technology, operators can save as much as 60% of the detergent normally used, while still cleaning floors just as effectively. You will also increase cleaning crew productivity, as the machine will only use the optimum amount of detergent required for the task at hand. This means fewer refills of the tank, so they can get the job done faster while limiting exposure to chemicals and ensuring better overall health & safety at work.

Lowerdetergent Sustainablecleaning


Filtering the air around crew members at work has a positive effect on worker safety by providing the best working conditions for you and your employees. We have the right vacuum to match your needs.

Air filtering cleaning


The path towards a sustainable future is an all-hands-on-deck effort It’s a journey that requires teamwork. For us, this means taking the lead to integrate sustainability into how we will operate our business. We're determined to help you achieve cost-effective, sustainable cleaning while improving environmental impact by:

  • reducing our CO2 emissions from direct and indirect sources by 35% by 2030 (Scope 1 + 2)
  • reducing CO2 emissions on products sold by 48% by 2030 (Scope 3)
  • elevating our efforts in refurbishing used machines

Verified by global sustainability frameworks

The world has changed. And it has become important for businesses and consumers to prioritise the conservation of energy and energy efficiency.

We believe that transparent sustainability tracking and reporting reflects our commitment to a better clean for all to enjoy. Some of our achievements and goals along the way include:

Open your eyes to a better clean

Disclaimer: Water, detergent and energy savings based on internal research and R&D calculations.