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Introducing the new Nilfisk VP930

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The original VP930 has been your go-to for non-stop business operations for decades. Never failing you, it quietly works its magic in the background. Now it's time to make some noise for this improved masterpiece. With its many new upgrades and enhancements, it unlocks brand-new levels of productivity so that you can clean any space even faster and more efficiently than ever before. Yet, it is quieter than ever, allowing you to clean any space at any time without disrupting anyone.

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Orange cable:

Keep room occupants and cleaning crews safe with the highly visible orange cable and minimize trip and fall accidents.​

VP930 HEPA Filter New

5X larger HEPA Filter:

The extra-large filter surface area traps dangerous dust particles and provides a cleaner local air environment. The upstream HEPA filter in the lid provides outstanding turbine protection and is easy to clean and replace.​

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Detachable cable:

Easy quick-release detachable cable gives you peace of mind knowing the machine will never be out of operation due to cord breakage while keeping potential repair costs down.​

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Dual-speed function:

Never leave an area uncleaned with the dual-speed function which enables you to have increased power when needed for vacuuming in the most challenging conditions.​

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Net filling and fleece bags:

Lower your operating costs and reduce downtime with higher net-filling capacity bags. You'll buy fewer bags over the lifetime of your vacuum. With that fleece bags improve your filtration by as much as 10% while providing increased protection of your machine.​

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Ergonomic handling:

Perform your cleaning tasks with ease and comfort with the lightweight accessories. The handy footswitch further reduces strain on the operator for an overall improved cleaning experience.​

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