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Introducing the all
new Nilfisk SC650

Introducing the all-new Nilfisk SC650


Introducing the upgraded SC650 walk-behind scrubber – cleaning made easy! With a super user-friendly control panel, ergonomic drive paddle that gives full control, and a useful caddy box and mobile holder (optional), this scrubber dryer takes convenience to another level. Also, it is incredibly easy to maintain.

And we didn't stop there. We've also prioritised energy and resource savings. Our scrubber dryer features EcoFlex™ and SmartFlow™ technology, allowing for precise control of water and detergent usage, resulting in the most efficient cleaning results possible.

On top of that, our energy-saving brush motor ensures longer runtime per charge, making it ideal for various industries, from retail to contract cleaning, supermarkets, education, healthcare and industries ‒ where light to medium cleaning is needed.

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SC650 Caddy Box 570X700px

Caddy Box

Keep cleaning tools handy and operate more efficiently with instant access to cleaning kit, reducing unnecessary stop-and-go cleaning

SC650 Ecoflex 570X700px

EcoFlex™ and SmartFlow™

Clean thoroughly with or without detergent, and control the amount of water, solution, and energy used for more efficient, cost-saving cleaning.

SC650 Pin Code 570X700px

Pin code access

Ensure machine user-access safety and eliminate key loss with programmable easy start-up for any user.

SC650 Accessories Kit 570X700px

Accessories Kit

Never be without any accessories needed to get the job done, while keeping all accessories organised and within arm’s reach

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