Centralized vacuum systems

Modular, silent, green. Simply Smart.

The centralized vacuum system is the perfect tool to efficiently clean wide areas, where there are more floors, when there is lot of waste to collect and it's often interconnected to process machines to provide vacuum where needed. 

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The centralized vacuum system: an example




A Suction Unit
B Silo/Filter chamber
C Pipeline
D Inlet for the tools quick connection
E Pre-separator for liquids
F Heavy-Duty pre-separators
G Pre-separator for hot material
H Process machines interconnection

The components


  • 3 different sizes to fit all the blowers (from 5.5 to 23 kW)
  • different versions available: standard, ATEX, high efficiency and inverter
  • Painted or in stainless steel
  • Modular, silent, green, safe


  • composed by a filter chamber, a collecting cone and the discharge system
  • 3 different diameters: 560, 780, 1200 mm
  • mountable on different frames
  • available different separators

Control Panel

  • VISUAL: easy to use, for standard applications
  • DISPLAY: excellent level of functionalities and optimal price level
  • TOUCH: maximum level of interaction and control of the system

Focus on Control Panels

Here below the different functionalities to select the most suitable for your needs!




The Applications

A Dust containment
B Integration to process machines
C General cleaning
D Cleaning of the equipment


The value of safety

The 3 main elements composing the system (control panel, suction unit and silo) can be placed in different locations with different requirements (classified or not classified zone). In the infographic, it's visible how the level of risk of the application increases according to the type of dust and to the type of zone, while the level of safety is constantly at the top. That is why the value of the system increases while the customer needs increase.​