01 DECEMBER 2016

MH series gives you performance, life-time and ergonomics

Make your move and take on some of the most demanding cleaning tasks with the Nilfisk MH series of hot water pressure washers. Higher efficiency and quicker cleaning are the by words to the improved fuel saving EcoPower™ boiler system.
             MH 5M                                                   MH 6P                                                                        MH 7P ​                       
The MH series is ideal for all kinds of hot water cleaning applications from light industrial cleaning tasks to heavy duty cleaning applications, and due to the improved fuel saving EcoPower™ boiler system, it offers very high efficiency and quick cleaning. Furthermore, service and maintenance can be carried out quickly, as all vital parts are easy to inspect and reach.

Ease-of-use and safe accessory storage are key with new benefits, such as spray gun holder and a turnable hook for secure winding of the power cable. The thought through design makes the machine easy to transport and maneuver even across uneven surfaces. Together with the quick service access to all vital parts, this new series will provide remarkable cleaning results, saved time and reduced costs.

  • High efficiency 4 pole motors
  • EcoPower™ boiler with EcoMode function
  • Brass pump head
  • 3-4 ceramic pistons
  • Oil tank and oil sight
  • Low pump oil warning system
  • Low fuel warning system
  • Onboard diagnostics function
  • Innovative design for easy transport and maneuverability