In 2008, Wap South Africa was acquired by Nilfisk

The Wap brand in South Africa has long been associated with products that are characterised by quality and reliability. In 2008, Wap South Africa was acquired by the Nilfisk Group. Nilfisk South Africa was officially established in 2014 following the subsequent acquistion of Industroclean.

In 2017, Nilfisk South Africa embarked on a rebranding strategy that sees the Wap and Industroclean brands absorbed into the Nilfisk brand completely, in alignment with global.

Today, Wap High Pressure Washers and Vacuum Cleaners are known as Nilfisk blue line.

You'll find the same Wap quality, reliability and service anywhere you see the Nilfisk sign


Global History

The Nilfisk brand combines the knowhow, experience and high quality of Wap and KEW technologies - both well-known and recognized brands in the cleaning equipment industry for many years, developing high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment for professionals.

Wap Reinigungssysteme was established in 1957 as one of the first cleaning equipment companies in Germany. 14 years later in 1971, KEW Industri was founded as one of the first cleaning equipment manufacturers in Denmark. 

Through the next decades, both Wap and KEW developed steadily and became important players in the world's cleaning equipment industry.

In 1988, first KEW was acquired by the Danish venture group Incentive, who founded the ALTO group. Later on in 1999 also Wap joined the ALTO Group.

In 2004, the ALTO Group was acquired by Nilfisk. ​​

We still supply Wap spare parts

It is important to note that we still supply Wap spare parts for your old Wap high pressure washer and vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a dealer in your area, please visit our country selector below - or click on Contact Us in the top corner to send a request to us.

Please contact our Marketing Department via marketing.za@nilfisk.com should you have any queries regarding our rebranding.