Filters for industrial vacuum solutions

Absolute filters, star filters or activated carbon filters: choose the best for your industrial vacuum cleaners
Filters for vacuum cleaners

The filter is the lung of the vacuum cleaner, and traps all the impurities avoiding them to be blown back into the environment, in order to protect the health of the operators. Nilfisk uses the highest quality filters on its vacuum cleaners; these filters can be divided into 3 main categories: 


  1. primary filters (bag, star or cartridge type)
  2. absolute or secondary filters
  3. activated carbons filters​​

 ​Primary filters




The primary filters are mounted on all vacuum cleaners and trap all forms of common dust, even the finest particles; There are different types of primary filters:


  • Bag filters
  • Star filters
  • Cartridges (used as primary filters allow the industrial vacuum to run continuously without stopping for the filter cleaning)



These filters can be in L and M class for the collection of hazardous dust and they can be in different media for the different applications such as for example in PTFE (thanks to the PTFE membrane, dust falls down easier during teh filter cleaning and doesn't penetrate the filter material) or Nomex® (to be used in case of hot material).


Absolute filters


When potential hazardous dust has to be collected further absolute H class filters are needed, Nilfisk provides both upstream (located before the blower) and downstream (as last filtration stage) absolute filters. In terms of filtration efficiency the filters can be HEPA ​14 and ULPA 15.​


Activated carbon filters




Activated carbon filters are mainly used for the following applications:


  • when malodorous materials must be removed.
  • when low concentration of pollutants must be removed as in laboratories, electronics, pharmaceutical industries​.