Reducing total cost of ownership

Nilfisk is not just committed to working with product quality and ergonomics. We are driven by the objective of reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers. Reducing your cost of cleaning is our goal.

Optimising total cost of ownership in several ways

  • Cost of purchase of your cleaning solution: We constantly strive to offer value for money – searching to keep machine cost down whilst providing the highest quality and best feature levels.

  • High efficiency performance: Ensuring that our solutions are efficient and have lowest possible run costs for their performance. High efficiency EcoPower Boilers​, efficient motors and pumps all ensure that run costs such as fuel and electricity are minimized during use.

  • Cost of Maintenance: We focus on product quality, durability and also on the cost of general maintenance in order to ensure that service costs are kept to a minimum during the lifetime of the machine.

  • Knowledge and Experience: Our knowledge and experience of optimal cleaning methods ensure that we can advise the right cleaning solution for our customers. The right solution will always reduce cleaning time. Reducing cleaning time reduces labour, water, electricity and fuel costs – bringing down the total cost of ownership of your cleaning solution.​


Application knowledge and productivity - the key to reducing Total Cost of Ownership

The key to reducing total cost of ownership is to bring down the running costs linked to any cleaning task. The quicker the task can be accomplished, the lower the run costs and the overall cost of cleaning.​

RUN COST = Labour Cost + Water Cost + Fuel Cost + Electricity Costs + Detergent Costs.   




The key to run cost reduction is then reducing the CLEANING TIME.​

- Cleaning time is reduced by applying the optimal combination of 5 factors to any cleaning task:

For any combination of dirt and surface material, different combinations of the 5 cleaning factors will increase cleaning efficiency.

Nilfisk, together with the Wfk Institute in Germany ( investigation WL 6203/12 of wfk Testing Institute) have made extensive tests into cleaning efficiency for different dirt and surface types.

Wfk have investigated the role of each of the 5 cleaning parameters in optimizing cleaning effect on dirt types such as oil, grease, traffic film and rim dirt on surfaces such as metal and vehicle bodywork.

The results allow us to identify best practice cleaning methods in order to reduce cleaning time.​

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