21 APRIL, 2016

FLOORTEC R 985 - Reducing consumption and service costs at once

Nilfisk FLOORTEC R 985 turns handling of dust and debris on large indoor floors and outdoor areas into a productive, sustainable and cost-effective process. From start to finish you can solve this task with ease as this ride-on machine is comfortable to drive - with several strong features supporting the user. An ideal sweeper for automotive, agriculture, industrial sites and factories, warehouses, distribution centers, multi-stores car parks, etc.


  • Productivity is made higher due to a new innovative system which improves sweeping when the main broom is worn – by increased hopper filling – and by maintaining high efficiency throughout the life of the main broom.
  • Ease-of-use is increased by the new control panel with intuitive icon buttons.
  • Pushing one single button and using the drive pedal is all it takes to activate the sweeping functions of the machine. Simple and comfortable operation!
  • All cleaning functions can be controlled from the driving seat:
  • Downtime is minimized, and daily operations are carried out easily thanks to the fast replacement of main components
  • High reliability is granted by the quality components and assembly of Nilfisk. Service costs and downtime are minimized – as all vital parts of this solid machine have a long lifetime
  • The operator is kept safe and focused on cleaning as speed is automatically reduced on slopes and tight turns
  • For maximum safety, a warning alarm is activated – together with reduced lifting speed of the hopper – when operating the high dump system on a slope
  • To protect the operator and people around from excessive dust the Nilfisk DustGuard/Misting system (optional) system will spray a fine water fog around the side brooms