The perfect solution with Ecoflex

Nilfisk Ecoflex effectively eliminates the need to clean a floor several times over, in order to get those extra dirty patches. Large surfaces are cleaned without spending precious time changing water or refilling tanks. Nilfisk Ecoflex is the perfect green solution for all hard floors – and easier to manage than ever before.

  1. Deep cleaning - Maximised cleaning effort for all kinds of high-traffic or heavily soiled areas – from vinyl to concrete floors.

  2. Green cleaning - Default eco-cleaning mode with lowflow water and regular brush pressure is ideal for green, detergent-free routine cleaning.

  3. Flexibility - With one touch of a button the operator may at will vary the performance of the machine to suit any degree of soiled.

  4. 60 seconds burst of power -Temporarily increased detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure for a one-minute extra deep scrubbing. Perfect for difficult patches and surfaces.

  5. Low-flow detergent - Eco Dosage System precisely matches detergent intensity to the level of dirt on the floor.

  6. Low-flow water - Intelligent Eco Solution mode reduces water consumption by as much as 70 percent.

  7. No pre-mixing - Detergent and water are mixed at brush deck. No more solution pre-mixing and no more water and detergent waste. And no solution tank to empty or clean.