Stationary hot water pressure washers

Nilfisk offers a full line of products for industrial and self-service applications. These products help cut your operating costs, shorten your down time, and improve reliability.

  • The SH TRUCK  is the ideal outdoor stationary pressure washer for use in haulage companies, fleet parks or for the cleaning of animal transport vehicles near slaughterhouses.
  • The SH AUTO  innovates by using frequency modulation technology to control motors and performance. As a result, the number of wear parts are dramatically reduced, lowering maintenance and cost. And noise levels are reduced and overall comfort of use increased.
  • The SH SOLAR stationary heating units provides maximum efficiency in the automotive, industrial and shipping sectors where 
  • cleaning always takes place at one particular site indoors - or where the machine is be kept in a technical room away from the cleaning site, with pressurized water transported by pipeline or long hose.

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