05 JULY 2013

SCRUBTEC 337.2 - NEW Compact Scrubber Dryer With Maximum Productivity

​The SCRUBTEC 337.2 is designed with new features to increase productivity, optimise manoeuverability and save time, energy and money, while still getting superb cleaning results. SCRUBTEC 337.2 can scrub and dry in all directions both forwards and backwards with the water kept inside while working.

 It is the ideal compact scrubber dryer for use in small to medium sized businesses such as car dealerships, petrol stations,  small shops, garages etc. Plus the new low noise levels also make it suitable for daytime cleaning even in noise-sensitive areas. 



Besides unique manoeuverability, SCRUBTEC 337.2 also increases productivity by being extremely easy to operate - virtually no operator training is needed, just like the maintenance is reduced to a minimum with easy accessible components. A compact scrubber dryer – that works for you!






Additional features:


• Low noise level for daytime cleaning, even in noise-sensitive areas
• Easy adjustable deck for a perfect traction control
• Easy, ergonomic and effortless to use with almost no operator training necessary
• Adjustable water flow
• Fast and simple maintenance since all components are easily accessible
• Clear recovery lid for easy inspection and function control
• Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle for easy transport and storage
• Extremely compact
• Roller bumpers for near to wall cleaning
• Real two tank system in one tank
• Large carrying handle for easy empty and refill
• Patent Elastic Strap System to easily install and remove squeegee blades without the use of tools
• Battery level indicator.